Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am Still Here

I am so behind on my postings. Things have been going well. I hit my 10% and also my 25 lb WW loss. That is exciting news.

So, why am I still a little frustrated? Well, I am still wearing the same size pants as I did over 30 lbs ago. I can't believe that they were that tight then. But, I also can't believe that they are not too loose now. Not that I want to spend more money than I neeed to on "in between" clothes... Well, actually I do have a lot of "in between" size clothes already. The next size just doesn't fit. : It's just frustrating because I would think that my scale victories would lead to smaller sizes. I must admit, it is a downer.

On a good note, another person at work today looked at me and said - "wow you are just disappearing more and more everytime I see you". That made me feel good.

I will try to post more - and a progression chart.

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